Dear Lawyers,

thank you for visiting our website, where we want to explain to you why a cooperation with
Narz mich nicht® will be to your advantage.

1.) For you to concentrate on your work, Regina Schrott (founder of Narz mich nicht® and expert on malignant narcissism) has developed a module for our and your future clients.
The program “Vor Gericht & Co” (In court & co) is specifically designed to prepare your clients and help them adept to the emotional stress in court.

Communication strategies and dealing with flashbacks being the most important matter. The program stabilises your clients helping them to get ready for the courtroom to prevent a breakdown granting everyone involved a rapid legal process.  Shortening the court case will make your work easier and protects you, and above all, the burden on the children concerned, especially in custody and access proceedings.

2.) As your collaboration partner we provide you and your law firm with clients, who have already been advised by us or are currently being coached in one of our programs.
We mediate on recommendation and conduct the preliminary talks so that you can do your work in peace right from the start. Most of our clients deal with family law matters. But inheritance, civil and criminal law cases do also often occur. If you belong to a law firm, you can advise the clients in several legal matters.

3.) You and your office will benefit from our network with notable associates all over the German-speaking “D/A/CH” region respectively throughout the worldwide BNI network. We stay in direct contact with Marco Buscema, the founder from WILL. The world independece lawyers league. If you need anny kind of support (maybe language barrier) don’t hesitate to contact us, we hlep you to find support all over the world. If you are interested to support WILL, write us and we connect you to Mr. Buscema.
To name a few our Lawyers: Kanzlei Langen, Runge und Findeisen in Cologne. Nicole Kania from the office DJS&G in Frechen, Christiane Brzoska in Mainhausen, Dominic Zandl in Vienna. Behaviour analyst Milos Rakic in Linz. All these cooperation partners are at your disposal and can be contacted directly.

Narz mich nicht® has set itself the goal to inform and educate all those involved (clients, judges, lawyers, youth welfare workers, guardians ad litem, etc.) about the difficult topic of psychological violence.

With a monthly fee of €50 netto a cooperation lies in a moderate range, which will quickly pay for itself. Including access to the “Narz mich nicht® Academy”. A program where you and your clients can chat, share and store files of any kind on a protected server. The data is secured from unauthorized access and is GDPR compliant in Germany.

If you have any further questions regarding the “Academy” and a cooperation, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to explain it to you in person.

Please contact us via mail to kontakt@narz-mich-nicht.de with the subject: Cooperation lawyer/ law firm.

When making an appointment, we will treat you preferential because we too would like to take up as little time as possible. 

Thank you very much, your Team of Narz mich nicht®

grüner Strich

„A lawyer is only as good as his client“

grüner Strich

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